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    Supplying the students & staff of Absegami High School their BRAVE NEWS

    Gami-TV serves as Absegami High Schools source for live news, highlights and much more. Media students write and produce not only the spoken announcements but also develop commercials, promos, highlights and interviews to help promote our 'Brave' achievements. Established in 1982, Gami-TV takes pride in assisting students with their public speaking abilities, digital story telling skills and knowledge of the communication field which is constantly evolving.  

    Live Broadcasts examples HERE

    Video Production examples HERE

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    DISTRICT EGGIES Media Awards Info.

    COUNTY EGGIES Media Awards Info. - Coming soon

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  •  RTF Media Fest & Awards - TV Production (short format) Finalist 2020

     RTF Media Fest & Awards - Animation Category Finalist 2020

     G.E.H.R.H.S.D. Media EGGIE Awards - Best in Show 2019

     G.E.H.R.H.S.D. Media EGGIE Awards - Best in Show 2018

     G.E.H.R.H.S.D. Media EGGIE Awards - Best in Show 2017

     AtlantiCare Fruit & Veggie Video Contest - Finalist 2017

     Artists Alike Film Festival - 1st Place - Best Commercial 2016

     Artists Alike Film Festival - Runner Up - Film Trailer 2016

     Wawa Coffee Video Contest  - 3rd Place 2015

     G.E.H.R.H.S.D. Media EGGIE Awards - Best in Show 2015

     ACCC High School Video Contest - 2nd Place 2015

     Artists Alike Studio Film Festival - Best Technical Skills 2015

     Artists Alike Studio Film Festival - Best Cinematography 2015

     E.H.T. High School Film Festival - Best PSA 2014 

     ACCC High School Video Contest - 3rd Place 2014

     ACCC High School Video Contest - 1st Place 2013

     NJEA Classroom Close-Up Segment - 2011

Advertising Simulation Companies

  • Lindy Hops '01

    Primo Pizza '02

    Sweet Things '03

    Galloway Fitness '04

    Sub Daddy’s '05

    Bordz '06

    All Star Kennels '07

    Tangles '08

    Pocketful of Posies '09

    Christina’s '10

    Go-Green Galloway & ShopRite '11

    Yogo Factory '12

    Jersey Devil Surf '13

    Absegami Culinary Program '14

    Simkins Martial Arts '15

    Party Starters '16

    Purdy’s Grill '17

    Chill & Grub '18

    Tony Beef '19

    Cracked Egg Cafe '20

  • Mr. Michael Piotrowski
    Media Arts Instructor
    Media Club Advisor
    Co-Web Master
    609-404-2073 x 5620

    Mr. Ernie Rockelman
    Film Institute Instructor
    Media Arts Instructor