Mr. Bell

    REACH Science

    Room 504

    Email- cbell@gehrhsd.net

    Phone Number (609) 652-1372 Ext. 5405


    Course Description

    This curriculum provides a framework for students to investigate scientific and technological concepts through exploratory, activity-based learning. Open-ended questions, projects, and presentations are utilized throughout the course to assess each student's work in problem solving, reasoning, and communication. This thematic instruction occurs across all three grade-levels, and encompasses the following areas of science: Classical Science, Concepts of Biology, and Environmental Science. Thematic instruction places the teaching of cognitive scientific skills in the context of a real-world subject that is both specific enough to be practical, and broad enough to allow creative exploration. Themed activities should practice important problem-solving skills and provide cross-curricular connections.


    Class Overview

    • Clear Expectations for the Day/Assignment
    • Additional time for the completion of assignments as needed.
    • Highly Structured Learning Environment
    • Assistance with Completion of Assignments and Organization
    • Use of Graphic Organizers and Study Guides
    • Frequent Checking for Understanding- Lots of Review
    • The use of visual aids for students to gain a better understanding.
    • Hands on Learning Activities
    • Verbal, Written, and Modeling of Directions
    • Small Group Activities
    • All areas of content covered will tie into life skill activities.





    Areas of Study

    • Earth
    • Plants and Animals
    • Weather
    • Natural Disaster
    • Oceans
    • Human Impacts on the Planet



    Grades are calculated on a point basis.

    Homework= 5-30 Points

     Class Work= 5-30 Points 

     Quizzes=25-50 Points

      Labs= 25-50 Points

      Test= 100 Points

      Projects= 50-150 Points


    Extra Credit- Students will be given opportunities for extra credit to improve their grade.


    By following the information above you should have a successful year. Good Luck and Welcome Back!  

    I have read the above and understand these guidelines will help make the 2018-2019 school year a successful one.