Period 8 - Intro to Theatre/Play Performance

  • Introduction to Theatre/Play Performance is aimed towards introducing and developing the art form of drama to and for students, focusing on the development of an appreciation of the art form and the skills of performing for an audience.  My overall goal for this class is for students to develop an appreciation of the art form of drama, including the ability to become discriminating consumers of quality entertainment and to gain confidence in performing in front of an audience.  This course meets the core content standards of the visual & performing arts in the state of New Jersey. Emphasis is placed on stage performance and technical theatre as well as on advanced literature study. Students in the class are expected to perform both in the class and outside of class in the drama club.  PLEASE NOTE:  This class requires ongoing student interaction and feedback.  Therefore, after any presentation, students will be asked to critique other students’ performances either orally or in writing.  It is important to understand that this is mandatory in this class – all critiques will focus on the performance itself. Any comments in critiques which do not meet this specific standard will be grounds for lower grades and potential disciplinary action.  

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Assignments and Assessments

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