• United States History II is a college preparatory academic course designed for students performing at or above grade level. U.S. History II, a required course, is designed to address and achieve the goals set forth in the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards for Social Studies. Three areas of humanities are emphasized: history, citizenship and geography. Embedded in these content areas are economic, cultural, anthropological, sociological and global perspectives. In terms of scope and sequence, this course will continue from the end of the U.S. History I course. By the end of the course, students willhave studied the following major periods in history as delineated in the Standards for Social Studies:  The Great Depression, New Deal and World War II (1929-1945), Postwar United States: Cold War, Civil Rights, Social Change (1945-1970s).


    Grading Formula 

    50% - Assessment: Tests, Papers, Projects, Quizzes

    40% - Assignments

    10% - Progress Assessments 

    Numerical grades are earned during each trimester. Grade point averages are reported using these numerical averages. 

    Grade Conversion Scale:

    A+ = 100-90  A = 96-93   A- = 92-90

    B+ = 89-87    B = 86-83   B- = 82-80

    C+ = 79-77    C = 76-73  C- = 72-70

    D+ = 69-67    D = 66-63  D- = 62-60

    F = 59/Below

    WP = Withdraw Passing                 

    WF = Withdraw Failing


    Late Work

    1 day late = a 25% reduction in score.

    2 days late = a 50% reduction in score.


    Rules and Expectations