World History Period 2

  • Grade 9   5 Credits   

    World History is a college preparatory academic course designed for students performing at or above grade level. This course is required for all students as a prerequisite to graduation. The scope of the course will focus on the correlation between historical eras and events and their effect and role in shaping the modern world. Students will analyze the various aspects of civilizations in the regions of Africa, Middle East, India, China, Latin America and Europe. Students will be exposed to all aspects of civilizations, including cultural, social, economic, political and geographical themes.Grading PolicyNumerical grades are earned during each trimester.

    Grading PolicyNumerical grades are earned during each trimester. Grade point averages are reported using these numerical averages. 

    Grade Conversion Scale:

    A+ = 100-90  A = 96-93   A- = 92-90

    B+ = 89-87    B = 86-83   B- = 82-80

    C+ = 79-77    C = 76-73  C- = 72-70

    D+ = 69-67    D = 66-63  D- = 62-60

    F = 59/Below

    WP = Withdraw Passing                 

    WF = Withdraw Failing











World History Pd. 3

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