Law and Criminology Period 5

  • Grade 11   5 Credits   

    The repeated terrorist attacks of the last 20 years, both domestic and foreign, have had a major impact on the field of law. This year long course will review the history of the events that have shaped the field of law and those tasked with enforcement. Students will review real case studies to determine how local, state, and federal agencies prevent and at times respond to crimes committed by terrorists and their supporters. Students will further explore the role of crime fighting agencies, prosecuting and defense attorneys, judges, and others connected to the investigation and trials of those who commit illegal acts. The use of guest speakers and fieldtrips will expose students to careers in the field of law. Prerequisite: Successful Completion of Crime Scene Investigation

    Grading PolicyNumerical grades are earned during each trimester. Grade point averages are reported using these numerical averages. 

    Grade Conversion Scale:

    A+ = 100-90  A = 96-93   A- = 92-90

    B+ = 89-87    B = 86-83   B- = 82-80

    C+ = 79-77    C = 76-73  C- = 72-70

    D+ = 69-67    D = 66-63  D- = 62-60

    F = 59/Below

    WP = Withdraw Passing                 

    WF = Withdraw Failing












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