Military History Pd. 8

  • Grades 11-12   5 Credits

    This course provides the student with an overall understanding of how the United States military is structured and how it operates. The course will cover three main themes throughout the school year. The first will be an introduction on the basic layout of the various military organizations including the basic organization of the US Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps. The second will be a history of the origins of the United States military. Finally, the third aspect will pertain to important battles and military operations throughout U.S. history that have had a major impact on how U.S. military planners conduct military operations today. Ultimately, the student will be able to tie in how the military operated and conducted military operations at various points of American history and ultimately understand how the US conducts military operations in the present. Texts will be explored relating to military authors such as Sir John Keegan, Paul Fussel, James Webb, Norman Schwartzkoff, Audie Murphy and Eugene Slege. Guest speakers from members of the military who were involved in combat actions from WWII to the present conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq will be invited to share their stories with the class. A solid background in United States History will prepare students to appreciate this elective offering.

    Grading PolicyNumerical grades are earned during each trimester. Grade point averages are reported using these numerical averages. 

    Grade Conversion Scale:

    A+ = 100-90  A = 96-93   A- = 92-90

    B+ = 89-87    B = 86-83   B- = 82-80

    C+ = 79-77    C = 76-73  C- = 72-70

    D+ = 69-67    D = 66-63  D- = 62-60

    F = 59/Below

    WP = Withdraw Passing                 

    WF = Withdraw Failing











Military History Pd. 7B

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