Algebra 2/Trigonometry

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    This course is an extension of the Algebra I curriculum. Topics that were first introduced in Algebra I will be built upon and applied to problems that require higher order thinking skills. Additional topics will be introduced in a variety of methods, including self-discovery activities, group projects and presentations, and teacher led class discussions. Algebra II/Trig builds a foundation of mathematics for those students going onto Pre-Calculus and/or Trigonometry. Students will explore topics such as functions, equations and inequalities, probability and statistics, logarithmic and exponential relationships, quadratic and polynomial equations, trigonometric functions and matrices. Technology will be used to introduce and expand upon the areas of study listed above, use of line resources and graphing calculators will be incorporated into each unit.


    Materials Needed:

    -Binder (1 1/2 in to 2 in)


    -Calculator TI-84 Plus (Optional because calculators will be provided for classroom use only)

      You could also sign out a calculator from Math Office so that you have a calculator to use at home.



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