• Geometry Period 2

    Welcome to Geometry. This course is designed to develop the powers of spatial visualization for the college-bound student while building knowledge of the relationships among geometric elements.  The course content includes basic elements and definitions of geometry; the different approaches to thought; relationships of point, line, and plane; congruent figures; similar figures; and a brief study of circles. 

    In Geometry we will cover many topics including, but not limited to, proofs, parallel and perpendicular lines, properties of triangles and other polygons, and applications of area and volume.  This class will be taught to prepare students who are intending to take additional math courses at Absegami or in college.  It will be demanding as students will need to be resourceful seeking out information and help, when needed.  You will be required to think and reason in new ways.  You should have passed Algebra 1 to be prepared to apply algebraic concepts to geometric problems.


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Geometry Period 2 Assignments