• CCR Period 6


    Welcome to CCR 9.  CCR was designed to give you some extra help in Math and English throughout the year. Each day we will be covering a topic that goes along with your Algebra 1 or English 1 class. We will start by discussing the topic and then work in groups and individually. Also if you have questions on what was talked about in class, then you have the opportunity to ask them in CCR.  You are in this class because of a recommendation from a previous teacher, a review of tests scores, or difficulty in past Math/English classes. We expect that you take full advantage of the opportunity to get help with any of your current classes. Ask questions. Bring your homework. Prepare for upcoming tests and quizzes. Bring projects that you are working on.  

                    We hope the many class activities and hands-on projects help you to have fun learning and show you how math can be valuable in your life.  Your participation and cooperation are vital to making this class a positive experience for all of us.  Your job is to let us know if you are confused, struggling or just need some organizational help. We are here for you!


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    Parents: Please take a moment and sign up for Genesis if you haven't already.  Grades are posted weekly and will give you a sense of how your student is doing in this course.

CCR Period 6 Assignments