• ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de Español 2! Soy la Señorita (Srta.) Sánchez y voy a ser tu maestra de tu este año.


    I am pleased you have decided to continue learning the Spanish language and how important it is for your future. 

    Course description:  Students will build a foundation of the Spanish language through reading, writing, listening and speaking. 

    (Novice to Mid-level as per ACTFL, American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.)

    We will complete online weekly cw/hw assignments, article readings and discussions, projects, and watch a few soap operas and movies all in Spanish, along with other fun and engaging cultural activities throughout the school year.  

    Note:  Classwork is designed for both hybrid learning (combination of on-line activities and face-to-face classroom instruction) and/or virtual learning(on-line). 

    IN CLASS: MASK must be worn at ALL times. NO eating or drinking in class.


    If you have any questions or concerns throughout the school year, please feel free to contact me via


    Señorita Sánchez

    Muchas Gracias

    Hola Tu GIF - Hola Saludo HolaTu GIFs

  • In addition to school rules, students are expected to follow these language-specific classroom rules to help facilitate language development.

    1. Listen with the intent to understand.
    2. One person speaks, others look and listen.
    3. Participate: support the flow of conversation.
    4. Chromebooks: Nothing else on desks.
    5. Avoid English. Recuerda 1,2,3 Adiós inglés


    Virtual students are also expected to participate in online class activities and follow online learning rules.

    1. Be prepared and on time.
    2. Turn on your camera.
    3. Only turn on your microphone when responding to or asking a question.
    4. Use the chat only to post relevant questions or statements.
    5. Participate when given the opportunity.
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  • Dear Parents and Guardians,

    Your student has been nominated to join us on an upcoming educational tour. I’m pleased to announce that we will be traveling to Costa Rica in Summer of 2021.

    As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, it is critical for our students to become more culturally aware, explore new ideas and grow their potential. I believe that when students are able to see their curriculum come to life outside of the classroom, they develop a new and valuable perspective of the world.  


    Costa Rica 2020

    COSTA RICA 2020


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