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  • This course is designed for students to thrive in a teacher-directed resource room environment. The overarching goal for this course is that students will refine, apply, and extend the solid foundation of knowledge, skills, and strategies they have developed in their English I/Reading Foundations course. Using the lens of leadership skills, students in this course will develop a world perspective by analyzing classic and contemporary texts in a variety of genre. Grammar, sentence-structure, and essay writing will be the focus as well as real life application of the writing process. Students will identify and apply their own leadership skills and prepare for responsible action as American citizens in the context of a global world.

    Grading Policy

    Each type of grading category will be weighted as follows: 

    Progress Assessment = 10% of Trimester Grade

    Quizzes = 20% of Trimester Grade

    Tests and Projects = 30% of Trimester Grade 

    Classwork and DO-NOWs =  30% of Trimester Grade

    Weekly Class Participation = 10% of Trimester Grade 


    Daily Do-Now Journals & Grammar Packets

    Every day class will begin with a daily do-now that students will complete either in their provided journal or grammar packet.. These activities may include responding to an idea related to the day’s lesson, grammar concepts, vocabulary, or a free-write.

    Each complete entry in the journal is worth 5 points. Each entry should be a minimum of 5 complete sentences or five “examples” (in the case of grammar or vocabulary related entries). . Points will be deducted for incomplete entries. Missed Do-Nows need to be made up and the prompt will be provided to those students who are absent.

    Each activity grammar packet activity will be worth the number of questions in each activity.
    Packets and Journals will be collected for a grade twice a trimester.



  • Independent Reading

    Independent reading is a required activity for this class. It is intended to help students practice and improve upon their literacy skills in an independent manner using a text of their choice. Students will spend a minimum of 20 minutes reading per entry. Each entry must be a minimum of 5 complete sentences (Exception: Prompts requiring drawing). Students need to submit four entries a month on the provided Independent reading log sheet. Copies of the sheet will also be made available on google classroom. Implementation of this activity will be as follows: 


    • TRIMESTER 1: 3 entries done in class; 1 entry independently
    • TRIMESTER 2: 2 entries done in class; 2 entries independently 
    • TRIMESTER 3: 1 entry done in class; 3 entries independently
  • Classroom Policies

    1. Show up for class on time and prepared.
    2. Hand in assignments on time. 
    3. Absolutely NO CELL PHONES in class unless teacher instructed as a part of the academic assignment.
    4. Keep the classroom as clean as you found it.
    5. Arrive on time and sit in your assigned seat.
    6. Treat everyone and their property respectfully.
    7. Agree to disagree.No Put-Downs. If you disagree with someone’s answer or opinion tell them so and explain why without any name calling or other negative comments. 
    8. Raise your hand to answer a question or add to a discussion.
    9. Politely listen when others are speaking. .
    10. Bullying in any form will not be tolerated and will result in administrative action.
    11. All other school rules apply.
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