About Employment Preparation & Aptitude

  • Employment Preparation and Aptitude is designed to transform the student into a viable candidate for today’s competitive job market.  The steps in completing a job search are put to task.  Review of instruction is provided to reinforce skills in areas such as: locating job openings, resume writing and letters of application (cover letter), interviewing and communication techniques (through role playing), personal/professional development, grooming, handling supervisory positions, career progression, and coping with job related stress.  Ongoing discussions include: how to be successful at work, performance appraisals and labor law, today’s marketplace and top career choices.  Students will create a portfolio of class work, which will be used for future career plans.  Employment skill sets will be enriched through: “on-the-job” training via observation and assistance within the daily operation of the school.  It is the expectation that students enrolled in this course will be dressed appropriately for their workplace assignment. Success will be based on positive evaluation by the “employer” and portfolio development as monitored by the instructor.