• The Film Insitute is comprised of:

    Motion Pictures Through the Years will familiarize students with the history of motion pictures. The focus will be on the evolution of cinema from early concepts (such as Leonardo Da Vinci’s camera obscura) to a multi-billion dollar industry. Periods touched on will include the silent era, German Expressionism, the Golden Age of Cinema, the New Hollywood and the Independent Age. The focus is on genre and the social and political implications of cinema, providing students with an understanding of the historical significance of the style and subject matter of the art. 

    Film Production blends practical, hands-on learning with grounding in the aesthetics and craft of moviemaking. Students will be guided through a number of activities to engage them in film theory and production skills. Students looking to pursue a degree in communications or drama, students who feel that an extensive knowledge of technology and its evolution will benefit them in life, as well as creative students seeking an outlet to express their thoughts, feelings and opinions are the intended members of the course. Coursework will focus on utilizing various forms of authentic assessment that will provide students with a rigorous and relevant curriculum. Upon completion of the course, students will demonstrate a strong understanding of the history and trade of movie making. Via integrated study and a creation of works that directly coincide with historical events, styles, movements, techniques, methods and genre, students will learn and achieve.

    Film Institute Syllabus