• REACH United States History I

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    Mr. Adams

    REACH World, United States I and II HIstory  


     609- 909-2600 ext. 5402

    1.  Meso-America- (Before Columbus): 


    2.  North American Natives


    3.  Age of Exploration:

    What inventions led to Exploration?

    What countries had empires? Where?

    Effects of exploration.Colonial America:

    4.  Early life in the Americas.

    Economics in each colonial region

    5.  The Enlightenment

    Change of government
    Enlightenment Ideas

    6. US Government

    United States Constitution
    Bill of Rights

    7.  Industrial Revolutio
    In Europe
    In the US

    Class Expectations; Rules and Procedures

    All rules and policies of the Oakcrest High School will be followed while in class.  Students will be respectful towards all staff and students in the classroom.  No electronic devices will be permitted unless given specific instructions by staff to use them.  This includes charging of electronic devices while in class.  Appropriate attire and behavior will be expected during live virtual meetings

    Grading Policy:

    50% Assessments= (Tests, Essays, Projects, Quizzes)

    40% Assignments

    10% Progress Assessments

    Late Policy: As per the Greater Egg Harbor Regional High School District

    1 day late= 25% off
    2 days Late=50% off

    No late assignments are to be accepted after 2 days, with the exception of 504/IEP plans or teacher discretion due to extenuating circumstances.



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